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"ALL IN has been a great program for Jeannie. It was important to us to find the right balance - a high quality program that provided the right opportunities and exposure, but also a team-oriented atmosphere where the coaches really care about the players on and off the court. ALL IN provided all of that." - Rodger Boehm (Father of McDonald's All-American and ALL IN Alumn, Jeannie Boehm)

"I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing with AIA and developing the kids.  I know it can be a pretty daunting task to run a program like this and have everyone on the same page athletically, intellectually and financially.  It has got to be tough and you are doing a great job with communicating and keeping everything organized.  We are happy that our son joined!" - Cary Parent

"I just wanted to let you know to me ALL IN is more than basketball, it has taught these young men sportsmanship, it has formed friendships, and has been such a positive experience in the lives of these young men! It's amazing how the older players come in and work with the younger ones, there is just so much support from everyone! It makes me proud to be an ALL IN parent!" - Chicago Parent

"Thank you all so much for accommodating us. She loves playing with ALL IN - she has played with numerous organizations and nothing compares to the professionalism and organization of ALL IN - I wish we would have found you sooner! " - Elgin Parent

"ALL IN has meant more than basketball to my son. The coaches are not only great technical teachers, but they understand each kid and motivate them in such a way that not only makes them want to be the best player they can be, but also the best teammate they can be. They inspire players to work hard on the court and teach them to develop confidence, loyalty and respect which serves them in every aspect of their lives." - Glencoe Parent

"We had an awesome experience with ALL IN this season and it is by far better than any other basketball program we have been a part of.  We did not have the most talented team (our son included), but Coach Goodman really made an impact on all of these kids. They had fun and learned to play basketball the right way. Loved it!" - Arlington Heights Parent

"Thank you for all your help along the way. We have been so impressed with ALL IN and the positive philosophy you espouse which is sorely lacking in many sports organizations these days." - Lake Forest Parent

"Nice job building, maintaining, and growing this organization

It has made a big positive difference to our family, and I know countless others...we are pleased to be a small part of helping with our advocacy to other families and athletes....

Great you have an opportunity to present and be recognized at the regional and national levels..."

- Glencoe Parent

"Thank you, Danielle. We have been so impressed over the past few years at your and Billy's dedication to opening up opportunities for groups that do not traditionally have access to opportunities to develop their games at a higher level, including players with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, and younger girls. Thank you for all that you do! Dedicated players do not always look like the traditional player, but need the opportunity to develop and prove themselves. Most programs miss this.  We talk about ALL IN with parents any chance we get." - Lake Forest Parent

"It has been a great experience for him and his game has improved dramatically in that time.  We truly appreciate the programming and instruction that you and your staff provide and wish you continued success in the future." - Deerfield Parent

"My husband and I were just discussing what a professional team you all are. The communication we get from you, Danielle, Miles, and Kahleaf is great. Thanks for that." - Long Grove Parent

"I thought it was a great experience for him (and the other kids). You obviously evaluated the boys well and separated them into well-matched groups, as this first game was back and forth the entire time and resulted in a 40-39 loss for his team. It was an exciting game to watch and, he told me, exciting to play in even though it was a loss. I appreciated the good coaching, the pass-first emphasis, and the general tenor of the game and the skills session, which was compete hard but have respect for the guys around you and be a good teammate." - Lincolnwood Parent

"My daughter was on the “7th Leach" team of the summer travel league and this was her best experience—and most growth—in 6 years of organized basketball." - Buffalo Grove Parent

"We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to introduce our sons to very positive AAU experience. You are correct the coaches are experienced, dedicated, and take pride in the whole development of children. We will take this experience with us now and in the future." - Palatine Parent

"We had an awesome experience with ALL IN this season and it is by far better than any other basketball program we have been a part of." - Arlington Heights Parent

"Below is a link to one of his class projects, titled "In My Evanston." The assignment was to create a video to describe your "home." Given his situation, he found it extremely difficult to create this until he realized he can associate basketball with home." - YMCA Program Coordinator

"I just wanted to let you know that I think the ALL IN philosophy is great.  It also has been very clear in the way my son has been coached and his whole experience this Spring season, his first time playing with ALL IN.  He has had a great time, met some really nice kids, and learned a lot about basketball and sportsmanship." - Deerfield Parent

"The thing that ALL IN does very well is that you guys always seem to do the "right" thing for your players and parents. I've seen it before and this is yet another example of what your organization is all about. We could not be happier with every aspect of basketball that has been taught to our daughter and she raves about it constantly." - Northbrook Parent

"We, parents and players, have witnessed some less than ideal behavior from other programs and see how ALL IN sets themselves apart in a very positive way. Great to see!" - Arlington Heights Parent