In addition to seasonal travel teams, ALL IN Athletics also runs feeder/community basketball teams for nearby communities. Feeder & community teams provide an opportunity for boys and girls who plan on attending a specific high school to participate in an organized competitive basketball program to prepare for playing in high school with future teammates.

ALL IN will be running the following feeder/community teams for the 2020-2021 season. Please click the appropriate link below to view more information.

The primary purpose of feeder & community basketball is to provide a platform for the youth to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball. Through intense training, quality coaching and mentoring, competitive experiences, and a family-oriented environment, players are given the best opportunity to maximize his/her potential and reach their goals on and off the court.

We will hold tryouts before each feeder/community season and form new teams. Our teams are not pre-determined and all players must attend a tryout to have the opportunity to be placed on a team.

We understand that the feeder season is unknown for many communities due to school closures and a lack of gym availability. If you are a feeder director or a parent of a player in a community that has cancelled feeder this season, please contact Billy or Matt if you are interested in playing this winter. We have options available to completely run a community team or program in your area or to run the team/program in conjunction with your existing program and staff.