Fall 3-on-3 Leagues (5th-8th Grade)

  • Season Dates: Sundays only, from September 13th through November 1st (8 weeks)
  • Ages (2020-2021 School Grade): 5th-8th grade boys & 6th-8th grade girls (separated by grade and gender)
  • Teams: Based on current state guidelines, we will create "teams" of up to 25 players by grade level and gender.
    • Players will be split up into groups of 4-6 players for the season and will play in 3v3 organized scrimmages against the other groups within the team of 25 players.
    • Please note, if more than 25 players sign-up for any grade level, we will create different level teams of 25 (i.e. 5th A,  5th B, etc). Some age groups/grades may be combined.
    • Players must sign up individually, but please note you will have the opportunity to enter as a full group/team (minimum of 4 players/maximum of 6) during registration. 
  • Notes: A professional ALL IN coach will monitor every game and instruct each team.
  • Games/Scrimmages: Players will participate in a minimum of 2 scrimmages every Sunday. (Teams will follow the IDPH's guidelines regarding gameplay.)
  • Location: All activities will be held at the Berto Center (550 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield).
  • Benefits: There are countless benefits to playing 3 v 3, which include:
  1. Getting the ball more & having to make decisions with the ball in your hand.
  2. More repetitions & more possessions in each game.
  3. Better spacing - more space allows for bigger driving lanes, more openings to shoot and forces you to improve your defense by covering more ground on every possession.
  4. Player movement - easier for players to learn the intricacies of screening away from the ball (back screens, down screens etc), how to properly utilize (and defend) the pick/roll and pick/pop (slips, back door cuts), curls/flares and dribble hand-off actions.
  • Tentative Times:
    • Boys
      • 5th Grade Boys - 2pm-3pm
      • 6th Grade Boys - 2pm-3pm
      • 7th Grade Boys - 2:30pm-4pm
      • 8th Grade Boys - 2:30pm-4pm
    • Girls
      • 6th-8th Grade Girls - 1pm-2pm

Register for The League

  • Individual Player Fee: $250 (includes a minimum of 2 scrimmages every Sunday & reversible jersey)
  • Full Group/Team Fee (4-6 players): $250/player - Players must sign up individually, but you will have the opportunity to enter as a full group/team and may enter your group/team name during registration. 

Click the appropriate link below to register.