• What if my child cannot attend evaluations? - If you are registering your child as a "free agent" and they cannot attend evaluations, please contact billy@aiathletics.com (boys) or matt@aiathletics.com (girls) for alternate evaluation options.
  • Is my child required to be evaluated? - Yes, evaluations are mandatory for every player that is registering as a "free agent". We hold evaluations to ensure that games are competitive by forming teams through a fair process.
  • How long is the season? - The official league games will begin on Sunday, September 8th and the final day of games will be Sunday, October 27th.
    *Please note evaluations for free agent/individual sign-ups will be held on Sunday, August 25th.
  • I am interested in signing up with a full team, how do I do it? - Please contact billy@aiathletics.com (boys) or matt@aiathletics.com (girls) to ensure there is still room in the league for a full team.
  • Where are league games held? - All HS boys games will be held at Maine East HS (Park Ride) and all HS girls games will be held at Joy of the Game (Deerfield).
  • What if my child has another fall conflict, like soccer or drivers ed? - We offer flexible scheduling for players that participate in more than one activity during the season. We ask that you provide us with any known conflicts by August 25th for your other team so that we can do our best to plan around them.
  • How much playing time will my child receive? - Players are guaranteed to play at least 50% of every fall league game. We have a numbering system for substitutions that our coaches follow and subbing every 5 minutes to ensure this happens. Playing time rules do not apply to players that register with a full team.