• Player Development - The primary focus of the league is on individual player development. The goal is to develop each player. We will provide a complete basketball experience that stresses: fundamental skills, game concepts, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Appropriate Competition – The Jr. NBA League is broken up into three divisions: K/1st Grade, 2nd/3rd Grade, 3rd/4th Grade. Having three divisions allows every player to experience success throughout the season because the make-up of the teams are developmentally appropriate.
  • Controlled Environment - A major benefit of the Jr. NBA League is that it is an “in-house” program. We have complete control of forming the teams, scheduling, referees, and coaches. From an organizational standpoint, we do everything we can to provide a competitive, fun, and safe learning environment.
  • Playing Time - This is a competitive developmental league. Every coach will learn a substituting system that allows every player to play at least 50% of the time each game. By guaranteeing more game reps, we are confident that players will improve their skill set and ability to play the game throughout the program.
  • Positive Coaching - Our coaches are trained to provide positive and constructive feedback to the players in skills training and during the game. The constant feedback provided by coaches and staff will expedite the process for skill development.
  • More Repetitions and Learning - Skills training features active and dynamic drills to teach game concepts and develop fundamental skills. No sitting on the bench or standing in long lines during drills provides players with the ultimate opportunity to improve their skills over the course of the season.